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The Lyman Trade rifle is patterned after the sturdy and functional guns developed for the early Indian fur trade. Designed by such companies as Henry and Leman, these original guns were much sought after by trappers, Indians and mountain men. Features a walnut stock, brass hardware, hook breech with one barrel wedge. Single trigger, coil spring percussion lock and fixed rear sight. This 15/16" o.d. octagonal barrel is 29" long, trigger pull 14", overall length is 45-1/2". Rifled 1 turn in 48 ". Takes a 6 x .75 mm nipple and #11 percussion cap. Use .490 ball and .015" patch for hunting and .495 ball and .015" patch for target shooting.  Available .50 cal, right hand only. No. 1132125

Tag: LYMAN TRADE RIFLE, .50 cal.